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Default How much does it cost to open a Mcdonalds franchise?

Somebody told me it cost about $250,000 and they'll finance you through the rest. Does this include the building as well? It seems like a good deal considering all the money you can make from it. I've also never seen a Mcdonalds franchise go bankrupt.
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A quick googling turned these up:
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From some of the information that i have read about the Mcdonald's franchise opportunity, as well as some of the other franchise companies around. Often the building is not included and if you are leasing in a shopping center you may not even be the direct lease holder, i am not 100% sure on Mcdonald's but many franchise system's negotiate the lease and then sub lease to you.

I do agree that for a Mcdonald's franchise $250K does sound like a good idea, however even financing the rest it will take some time to regain that finance, and that may not in some circumstances include what they recommend you should have as operational finance to pay things like wages, and other expenses in the first few months of operation should performance not be as expected initially.
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It's a very successful business model, but I actually did see one close down where I went to college.

(I've also seen something like ten thousand other very successful locations)
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If you want to invest in a Mac Donald franchise, consider doing it in China. It's booming out here!
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From the link posted above it states that about $300,000 (25%) cash has to be put down and rest may be financed. Further, you have 7 years to pay back the balance, which I guess would be more than $1,000,000.

I've seen a few McDs close down.
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Have you asked McDonalds? No matter what we say or what we have heard, they would know for sure :-)
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Is mc donald franchise in india also..
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I thought it was more than 250K, but if you can do it for that, go for it, that's a great deal. McDonald's is really just getting started in their worldwide expansion when you look at the big picture, especially in China. They still have so much room for growth, which is scary.
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