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Default Inkjet Factory Biz Opp

The Inkjet Factory:
Cartridge Refilling Opportunity May As Well Print Money

Some business opportunities can promise the security of being backed by the undisputed leader in an industry, but very few can couple that with the benefits of working with the pioneers of the industry. Even fewer can say their opportunity has a near 90% profit margin, or has marketing potential to nearly every business and over 60% of homes. But, in the next few paragraphs, you’ll read about a company that can say all this and more. Which is why no business opportunity out there is anything like SME’s Inkjet Factory®.

It’s been a long haul for SME and their state-of-the-art ink refilling products. Born on the slopes of Switzerland in 1978, the original company established a location in Franklin, Tenn. to produce typewriter and printer ribbons. What would become the SME we know today spun off and eventually developed into an independent U.S. corporation. Now they’re leading development and innovation in a market that’s being called “the new black gold” for entrepreneurs.

“The company has a long history of leading the field,” says CEO Markus Kunz, himself a veteran machinist and experienced mechanical engineer. “The business opportunity is just another addition to the number of successful offerings that SME has put forth over the years.” Offerings like the first industrial inkjet refilling machine, the first vacuum filling process for foam cartridges and the first in-store retail refilling system.

“The market is really open for business,” says marketing strategist Elizabeth Justus. “Almost all businesses and 62% of homes contain an inkjet printer, and no existing business has really been able to capitalize on the refilling market because of loyalties to the cartridge manufacturers.” Those ties to the manufacturer keep consumers paying incredibly inflated prices for brand new ink cartridges with, at best, only 23% of cartridges getting refilled or re-engineered. Even with new cartridges retailing at $30 or more, few consumers know about the benefits of refilling, or know that a properly maintained cartridge can be filled up to six times before needing replacement.

Justus and Kunz also agree that their retail refilling system can wear a lot of hats. Whether it’s a current business looking to add an additional revenue scheme, or an entrepreneur looking to build a brand new business around their equipment, either method has incredibly appealing potential. “The opportunity to capitalize is incredible,” says Kunz. “Studies are showing that 60% of U.S. customers would participate in refilling strictly for environmental reasons. Imagine how many will participate for 50% savings.” Speaking from experience, Kunz and Justus aren’t too shy to brag about SME’s direct involvement in the opportunity. “We’ve been doing this for a long time,” she says. “Since way before there was a retail market. Our competitors saw the market and then built the machinery. We built the machinery that created the market.”

The opportunity itself is built around two pillars: the machinery and the markup. “The markup potential in this industry is huge,” says Justus. “After purchasing the equipment, the ink is pretty much your only recurring expense.” In fact, the ink markup is so high, that someone operating an inkjet cartridge refilling business could break even by filling only four or five a day! In terms of the machinery, SME is offering the most advanced inkjet system on the market, featuring all-in-one testing, cleaning, and refilling. They’re also happy to mention that their rigorous studies and side-by-side comparisons have yielded some surprising results. “Unlike some other remanufacturing processes,” says Kunz, “side-by-side tests have shown the print quality of our refills to be virtually identical to new cartridges, sometimes even better.”

Costs of the opportunity have been structured to provide potential entrepreneurs the ability to purchase a system outright or lease / purchase for as little as $450 a month. Included in the package is a two-day training class at SME headquarters, installation, equipment delivery and a service agreement and warranty. “We also serve as a marketing advisor to our business owners,” says Justus. “We provide advertising templates, revenue-building ideas, things like that. We’re also hosting an on-line forum where owners can talk and trade ideas.”

Once the businesses are set up and ready to go, diving into the $10 billion inkjet market can be as easy as having one good idea. “People can approach it however they wish,” says Kunz. “Some people have opened stores. Some have established routes where they collect empty cartridges and leave full ones. Others partner with nonprofit organizations and promote cartridge collection as a fundraiser. It’s an incredibly versatile business, and it remains attractive no matter what the economy is doing.”

The best type of person for the business, according to the experts at SME, is an entrepreneur with a customer service / sales attitude who can get to know their target market. While there are always those who will succeed faster and easier, nearly any business-minded professional could become successful in this field. With so many benefits to the Inkjet Factory® system, and hundreds of units already in place in the retail market across the country, the best time to get involved may be “as soon as the ink dries” on this page.


Opportunity: Inkjet Refilling

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