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Default Ideas

1) I want to inform my employees that darker-skinned workers feel more comfortable in a darker environment since their skin matches the background so that they take the night shift and are more productive.

2) If a company's employees owned 51% of its shares, all decisions would be made by active and knowledgeable workers.

3) "How would it look on you?" would be a website that would take cropped pictures of different sizes, of clothing, and objects, which users could, then, place over their photos and photos of their environment. All of this could be saved, promoted, etc.

4) Underground civilization can be pitched with the advantage for people living there becoming more fit, since the gravity is higher.

5) We would try to overturn laws (in specific cases) against late abortions by showing that babies fail basic intelligence tests.

6) A business can collect flood water for purification and sale, inciting private and more efficient control of flooding.

7) A book editor could be created that would prepare the parts of books that are shown for free on as those are the most important advertisements to consumers.

8) Video rooms can be built where minors can strip their clothes if they are suspected of carrying something illegal, so that those videos can, then, be saved and those people can be tried once they are of consensual age.

9) Owners of landmarked homes will pay my organization to photograph them enough to convince the authority that labeled it a landmark that its virtual presence is valuable enough to allow the real landmark to be changed.

10) Create a business where all of the employees are robots and the human element is the job of the investors.

11) Material from other planets could be broken up and added to ours and used to build infinitely upward using greenhouses to create oxygen, anywhere.

12) A site about opposites could be dubbed as a creation machine as people are encouraged to look for the opposite of what they currently have in generating ideas.

13) The solution to security against robots is a super evaporation bomb, which could melt, not just living things, but robots, as well.

14) An organization could pay people for their receipts and then put the info on the receipts onto the net, eventually accumulating every past and possible transaction, for others to go by, giving them insight into changing and permanent prices for comparisons and purchases (this is an older one and I think I had it before "Receipts" could also be copies of receipts, although, on an electronic platform, it wouldn't make a difference.

15) Start a physical store that aims to sell all of the most expensive things in the world (in Chicago), knowing that people want to see what they're buying before they spend that much money.

16) You could put cameras on sports players’ heads and wire it for people to see online.

17) I'll wear it - a site and organization that allows people to pay for others to wear clothing of the payers' choice. People would agree on the site and pay for access to photos or live views of wearers.

18) Auto-Exercise Chair - Back of chair sits at an adjustable but always acute or 90 degree angle with the seat of the chair. This automatically exercises the back and stomach muscles of the sitter as they are forced to hold themselves up.

19) Roll-Over Site - This would be the first website that would not require you to do any clicking by programming everything to be sensitive to mouse roll-overs.

20) Alcohol Smelling Mechanism - A small cap that has foam that is drenched with alcohol so that a person can sniff it and does not have to taste the bitter alcohol while becoming intoxicated. The alcohol used here would be less dense than regular alcohol making it easier to breathe in.

21) An organization that edits regular music so that it can be enjoyed during someone's sleep.

22) A website where content creators can pay people to click on their content on other sites like YouTube.

23) Tele-corp. - This would be a corporation that chooses to stay completely online in all of its activities. Everyone would communicate only through recorded and public content so that all investors, customers, and employees are always on the same page.

24) An online market that gives all of its sellers an equal amount of orders.

25) The most efficient way to run a company is when all employees are organized in a strict chain of command and each primary number responds to each secondary number with a single + or -.

26) Genetic results of womb fertilization can be bettered when larger amounts of preserved sperm are artificially injected, as competition is increased.

27) Blacks should be Jewish. Browns should be Muslim. Whites should be Christian. Jews should be Baha'i. Jews were very involved in the making of all religions so they should be of all religions instead of only their own. This would also make the whole world religious and bring peace in the Middle East.

28) Colder countries have taller populations, so, people can grow taller by lowering the temperature in their homes (as kids).

29) A store that sells everything at its MRP (Minimum Resale Price). Nobody else can do that, so, we'll have the lowest price!
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