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Default Pet Transport

I have ideas for businesses that I don't have the time or resources to get round to anytime soon. I'll share some of them on this forum. If you decide to use all or part of any of them, have at it. But please consider Easy Street Designs ( for graphic design, printing and promotional material.

Pet Transport Service

My son's friend moved to Colorado from Illinois and had not brought his cat along with him. After he got an apartment and a job he wanted to get the cat out here. The only option he had was to go back and get it. It occurred to me that there must be enough demand for unaccompanied pet transportation to make a market in it.

A vehicle could be outfitted with individual compartments, loaded from the outside and sanitized after each trip, to prevent spreading of disease. I think that would be the biggest issue, but could easily be addressed with the right configuration. It would have to be a station to station type service, like bus service, to accomodate occassional stops for feeding (customers provide their own food) and doing their other business. Stations could be franchised, with station owners paid based on not only traffic through their station, but tickets sold through their station. This would allow low traffic stations to generate revenue by marketing the service nationwide or regionally using their station's contact info.

I think people would be willing to pay at least as much as they would for a human bus ticket to save themselves a long trip while getting Fido safely to his destination.
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There is something similar in (Denver) Colorado called Wag-n-Wheels. I have never used them but I did think it was an interesting service.

It would probably take loads of patience, a good attorney to write up a contract, and some heavy duty insurance.

I know when we drove from California to Colorado, we just gave the dog a some sleeping pills the vet prescribed. I also remember reading a story awhile back about an older couple that moved from New York to Arizona: New York couple completes 2,500-mile cab ride to Arizona
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Wag-n-Wheels looks interesting.
They don't do long distance though.
It would take some good insurance as well as a well written waiver, but it's gotta be cheaper than transporting humans. Of course you could eventually add a "first class" service for the insane folk who live to pamper their pets.
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Yea there could be a niche with the business. Especially with the way people are treating their pets these days.
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The business idea sounds interesting. I wonder what kind of market research is needed here?
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Default Travel with the pets?

Can you tell me what products should be taking with us while we travel with the pets?


pet meds

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