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02 - Web Site Management Creating & Managing an Effective Business Web Site
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Old 01-10-2008, 08:52 PM
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Thumbs up Importance of a good Domain Name!

Hi everybody,

I have been reading these forums for quite some time now and have found them very useful! So, thank-you.

I have been recently pondering the importance of a good domain name.

I have thought of a business idea and have a descriptive business name to go with it. I have registered the The problem is, the .com is already taken and i am wondering on the viability of registering the domain as a .com with the suffices of 'us' and 'uk' after the actual business name for customers in the U.S. and U.K. / Europe? I could then point the 'us' and 'uk' versions to the URL.

I am aiming to mainly trade within Australia, but if the business takes off, of course i want to open my markets up.

Example: the domain name (sample name only) would then become and

How effective do you think this would be?

FYI, the business name is already 13 characters long, so adding the US and UK suffices would make it 15 characters long.

The other option is to change the spelling around a bit. This would become I am don't know about this though, i think this would be a bit tacky. I am interested in opinions though.

Questions for the forum:

Which would be more compelling and / or memorable for the customer?:

1. Adding a region-specific suffix onto the business name (eg. or

2. Or changing the spelling of the main word in the domain (eg. Do you think this approach is tacky?

Or, should i just change the name of the business (I would really like to keep the name of this business though)?

How do i find my way around this?
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Old 01-11-2008, 01:16 AM
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I'm sure i have this in the wrong forum... does anybody have some thoughts on this?
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Old 01-11-2008, 01:22 AM
SteveC SteveC is offline
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Question - Is there a website associated with the -dot com domain name...

We registered our company name when we started up and could not buy as a korean business owned this domain name... it took us two years of negoiations but in the end we agreed a price on buying this domain name... you could try similar.

If you cannot do this, my advice would be to stick with just the dot com dot au as your main market is in Australia... and most people will find you via links, etc... and also if they really want what you are selling...
Steve Cartwright
FX Digital Pty Ltd
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Old 01-11-2008, 01:39 AM
bill benson bill benson is offline
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Also, if your clients are in Australia, host in Australia. Google will give Australian results to Australian visitors. If you can get some other domains that work, register them. It's not that expensive and you may be able to use them down the road. Put a unique page on each of the other sites, not "under construction".

If you are looking for US clients for example, host in the US.

Now if you have the same content, two different web sites hosted on two different servers; one in the US and one in au, I have no idea how to handle that one from a SEO standpoint. Maybe somebody else has some ideas. I doubt a redirect is the best option.
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Old 01-11-2008, 03:16 AM
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Hi Steve and Bill,

Thanks for your responses.

Yes, there is a site associated with the dot com. It seems like a small-medium business, it would probably take a bit of capital to buy them out. SteveC, by the way, congratulations on finally securing the dot com after 2 years .

I will definately try to acquire the dot com, however, the business would have to prove to be successful in Australia first. In fact, after reading your post Steve, i am reminded to concentrate my efforts in Australia first .


Thanks for your advice about hosting in Australia. I need to check with the techies to see whether this is happening with my current site. They are located in Australia, but i am not sure about the wholesaler they are using. My web-hosting is a whole other story, one which i will probably post about here.

Two questions for you Bill, if you happen to check this thread:

1. Is it faster for people to download information if the website is hosted in the same country from which they are browsing / shopping?

2. By 'unique page', do you mean a unique frontpage only, with all other aspects of the website being the same?

If you don't check back, that's okay. I will need to explore these issues further and will probably post about them in time


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Old 01-11-2008, 08:06 AM
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I am not Bill,

But I can attempt to answer some questions.

In terms of the speed at which users download your content...

There are many variables in this. Being in the same country really should have no effect on the connection speed.

What does have a huge effect on speed is the quality of the server you are using, the hosting plan you have with that server, the bandwidth you have allocated to the website, the optimization of the website itself for users, etc.

Another huge factor, and one you have no control over, is the speed at which the user connects to your website at. A user with a 56k modem will take much longer than someone on a T1.

In terms of your other question regarding a unique page. I think the concept for this theory was to have a domain registered for each country and have a unique index page for that domain name and have all the interior links point to the main file structure of the website.

I personally don't think that dumping tons of money into a domain name is all that important. It should be easy to remember, easy to tell someone else, and easy to type, but as for it being a specific country code or specific name? I feel that is useless.

The real test of a website's profitability is going to come from it's usability and the level of marketing you choose to attach to it. You could spend a million dollars on the "perfect" domain name, but when people click on it and the site is difficult to use and looks as though a teenager designed it, sales are going to be very hard to come by.

One last remark about domain names... It is not like the yellow pages where the top alphabetical name comes first in search listings. SEO is a very very complicated process. No one, no matter what kind of expert they claim to be, fully understands the process for getting to the top of google. This is because the formulas for determining page rank are always changing. Google will never tell how they do it because they are afraid someone will do it better.

As such, I would focus your budget on developing a really nice website, one that is professionally designed, very usable, attracts attention, causes people to pass it along to friends/co-workers, and spend the money you would have allotted to an SEO firm towards marketing. The chances you will become a successful site from google rank alone is virtually zero.

Anyways, sorry I was not Bill, but felt I could provide my views. I hope some of it helped.
[CENTER]Uncommon Web Design

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Old 01-11-2008, 09:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Mgirl
I'm sure i have this in the wrong forum... does anybody have some thoughts on this?
Give us some time - four hours to wait for a response is not that long. After all, we are just volunteers helping people. You will get a lot of great responses in usually under 24 hours
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Old 01-11-2008, 10:52 AM
Straight Street Straight Street is offline
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Despite complaints to the contrary, there are still a ton of good domains available...but it takes a bit of creativity to find them. If your first choice is taken, and if it doesn't seem feasible to purchase it from the registered owner, you could take a few hours to brainstorm.

I often just go to Godaddy and type in what I'm thinking. They suggest a few domains they think are related to what I'm looking for. They even have a suggestion tool. It sometimes takes several hours over the course of a week or two, but I usually end up with a really good domain name when I couldn't think of anything new at first. Here are some examples:

The Bible Rocks
Page Pro Live
Questions for Heaven
Worth a Second Look
Ministry Trader
On Target Institute

Each of these domains are .com's, and were found after hours of thinking and searching. They're all easily remembered, and fit the sites/organizations very well. I'd avoid adding us and uk to the end of your domain...better to find a single domain that really works and push traffic to one place for branding.

$0.02 (my two cents)
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Old 01-11-2008, 11:24 AM
bill benson bill benson is offline
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There are two reasons for the local server. One is Google provides regional search results. The other is speed. While Syntax is correct in the Server Specs affecting speed, location will also have a great affect. A connection from Australia to the US will pass through more routers (which you can think of as kind of a repeater - they take your data, put it in memory and resend it) and be slower. To demonstrate that, do a speed test on your pc at a site that allows you to select a country. The further away, the slower your connection will be.

By unique content, ideally you want your content to appear only in one place on the internet. That refers to every paragraph on every page of your site. If you have multiple sites with the same content, it will most likely be viewed as duplicate content by Google and you won't place as well on google. The normal way of dealing with this is a preferment redirect for the duplicate domains. If you try to target US customers with a different domain, I don't know how you could avoid a permanent redirect to your Austrailia server. If your pages don't have a lot of graphics, they may be small enough that this really isn't an issue.
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Old 01-17-2008, 09:35 AM
greenoak greenoak is offline
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i think the shorter the better...short and zappos, aarons hats, make mine pink, blacktalon....
..and have the different routs, us or australia , inside your web....mainly you want to have a name they can remember......and is related to what you are about ... if they can remember most of it they can google you...
i wouldnt go for a misspelling....that might really get confusing if someone was trying to find you...
we host in australia and dont notice any speed problems.......
our name is dull and innacurate but historical and too late to change...we couldnt get just greenoak...its registered/owned but unused...i dont get that.....
:cool: ann

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